Sports-related injuries have begun to reach an almost epidemic level. To address this global issue, Transparent Sports and Children Cincinnati’s Hospital Medical Center have come together to offer a high school-specific sports injury-tracking platform that provides the following immediate benefits:

  • An easy-to-use app that allows Athletic Trainers or assigned staff members to quickly add athlete injury data in our secure HIPAA-compliant solution
  • A simple, one-stop dashboard that allows Principals, Athletic Director, and Athletic Trainer(s) to easily view real-time data related to all student-athlete injuries at the entire school
  • Does not involve any kind of wearables or monitoring devices – Transparent always respects the integrity of the game
  • The ability to utilize advanced artificial intelligence and predictive analysis (via the use of IBM Watson) to help your trainers and coaches prevent injuries before they happen – technology that has never been available before now

Learn more about the risk mitigation associated with using our program here